Vince Warnock

"We don't chase the wins, we chase the insights"

About Vince


I didn’t always set out to be in marketing. After training as an Electronics and Computer Engineer then broadening into sound engineering, radio announcing, and web development, everything eventually and inevitably led to my real passion for marketing.

Currently working full time as an author and coach, I was previously the Chief Marketing Officer at Cigna Life Insurance and co-founder of high growth tech startup Common Ledger. My 20 years in marketing have given me a number of opportunities and lead me to become an author, public speaker and to be recognised by my peers with a number of awards including being inducted into the 2018 Fearless50, a program to recognize the top 50 marketers in the world who are driving bold, fearless marketing and digital transformation.

This industry has done a lot for me and I love giving back with my work as a mentor, tutor, and my various endeavours with the Marketing Association.



Without a doubt, the most common question I get asked by other digital marketers is “How the hell do we keep up”? In a world where technology and customer expectations are changing at a rapid pace, it can seem next to impossible.

But there is a way to not only keep up but to get ahead. It’s called ‘experimentation’ and in “Chasing the Insights” I give you an easy to understand framework that you can implement to give you a competitive advantage. In addition, I will guide you through cultivating the mindset required to successfully embed an experimentation approach and lastly, top it all off with some practical experiments that you can start testing the second you put the book down.

I have even enlisted some of the most talented digital marketers in the world to give you some of their recommended experiments. By the end of this book, my hope is that you have a new lease on your digital marketing life and that your new mantra becomes “We don’t chase the wins, we chase the insights”.



Over the past ten years, I have had the honor of speaking to hundreds of audiences around the world. From large scale conferences to the smaller more intimate gatherings, public speaking has become a core part of my passion and my career. It gives me genuine joy to be able to inspire and pass on any grain of knowledge I have picked up along the way.

I have a unique knack of building a good rapport with the crowd through my off-beat humour and storytelling ability. I regularly speak on a range of topics related to marketing, technology, startups, leadership and overcoming fear.

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